MGB Skin x Sang Gi Glitter Eyes #beverly Girls

[Product description]

Dream collaboration!An eye glitter co-developed with Cho Sang-ki, a makeup artist who has worked as a famous Korean idol.

This eye glitter was born in collaboration between MEGBABY and Korean makeup artists.You can change the impression around your eyes completely with a single coating.There are two colors, pink base and gold base, designed to suit anyone regardless of skin color, age or appearance.It is a very fine brush that is particular about the tenderness of the skin, and you can place glitter on the lines at the corners of the eyes and tear bags.



[How to use it]

1. Apply the desired eye shadow after absorbing the oil around the eyes with powder.

2. Apply the glitter to the center of the upper eyelid eye hole to create a three-dimensional effect and glow.

3. Tap on the tear bag on the lower eyelid to create a more sparkling area around your eyes.