Celebrate the Christmas not just with the Christmas Set — The “STRAWBERRY” Vanity, More than Just a Bag💗!

Celebrate the Christmas not just with the Christmas Set — The “STRAWBERRY” Vanity, More than Just a Bag💗!

While you have been enjoying all the comforts brought by mgb skin’s various products, a new cutie has been made! If your mgb skin’s collection has been growing, you should begin to wonder, if there is a good pouch to pair such a delicate collection? 

Bringing you today! MGB SKIN designed ORIGINAL VANITY🍓

This striking, strawberry-like pink design is definitely irresistible and immediately melts your heart. With the mgb’s own logo, and the fluffy cotton outer, words cannot describe how cute and comfy this vanity is. Naturally every mgb skin fan is gonna be crazy over it! There is nothing better to go with the mgb skin’s colorful collection than this pink cutie!

No doubt, we normally use vanity bags or cases for storing our cosmetics and beauty essentials, but this beauty can do way more than that! This fluffy, cute vanity is so unique but yet it is a classic. Don’t confuse it with other average spacious bags. If you are a person who prefers to use a vanity as a daily shopping bag and put not just the cosmetics, but your everyday essentials inside, this vanity is perfect for you. With its soft and fluffy texture, you can either go lightweight as a pouch, or even if it is fully filled, it will just look like a feminine woman’s handbag. In fact! Some out there are actually using it as a lunch box bag as well! 

mgb skin’s vanity is simple, adaptable and can be styled with various outfits. Be it casual comfy attire or dressy florals, this vanity will complement most looks. For instance, you can create a simple but attractive look by pairing the mgb skin vanity with a basic white shirt and a pair of blue trousers. 

The Perfect Match with the Christmas Set🎄✨

While we have been talking about how to take care of your skin all around the year! There is no better time than Christmas to celebrate yourself or with your friends with the mgb’s Christmas Set! The unique combination will keep your skin healthy, moist, and comfy all around the harsh Winter! While we are always talking about how effective the products are, don’t also forget that all mgb products have such a cute color scheme and edgy design! Combining with the fluffy, irresistible mgb vanity, either you are sending as a gift or keeping it for yourself, this combination will definitely warm your hearts and keep you cheered up for the whole winter! 

Get this cutie-vanity for your Christmas this year!

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