mgb skin

mgb skin is an original beauty brand, offering promising and effective cosmetics carefully curated and produced by megbaby; founded with her genuine hope "to make people beautiful and happy".

Brand Story

mgb skin is a Japanese beauty brand developed by megbaby, which thanks to its knowledge and experience offers quality products for everyone who likes to take care of themselves and feel beautiful. We develop products with our customers' current needs and concerns in mind.
Moreover, we don't like to stick to stipulated or "taken for granted" beauty theories, we always go one step further looking for original, creative and innovative ideas.

We turn original ideas into products!

mgb skin has it all!

A unique point of view and approach, an elegant style that fits any situation and creative results.
We develop our products based on new and innovative ideas, such as sunscreen cushions that doubles as a makeup primer.
Each product has been planned, tested and certified by MEGBABY itself, and only those proven to be effective are released.

Quick and reliable effect

MADE IN KOREA beauty technology

All mgb skin products are developed in Korea.

About megbaby

Based on the opinions of more than 800,000 followers, we bring you effective and quality products!

Creative director of mgb skin and a social media star with huge influence worldwide.
She has a deep knowledge of beauty and is particularly well versed in the Korean beauty scene, including cosmetics and supplements.